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23) I am very passionate about customer service: taking care of the guest and training others how to do it the most memorable way possible. I believe every employee was chosen to be a part of my property and they show let their light shine and sparkle with every single guest!

22) Soccer because I like it

21) scenario planning - is typically "fun" for the participants and not a topic on which they are often asked to engage.

20) Time Management

Interpersonal Communication Styles (DiSC, BEST, PSI, etc.)

Team building

19) I have several. One, "Effective Business Writing," is based on structure, content and rules. It helps me sharpen my own writing each time I facilitate it. The other is "5 Keys to SME (Subject Matter Expert) Success." This one teaches technical experts how to make their topics interesting to learners through engagement and follow through.

18) Communication Skills of any kind.

17) Communication Skills of any kind.

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