Peer Answers

23) I am very passionate about customer service: taking care of the guest and training others how to do it the most memorable way possible. I believe every employee was chosen to be a part of my property and they show let their light shine and sparkle with every single guest!

22) Soccer because I like it

21) scenario planning - is typically "fun" for the participants and not a topic on which they are often asked to engage.

20) Time Management

Interpersonal Communication Styles (DiSC, BEST, PSI, etc.)

Team building

19) I have several. One, "Effective Business Writing," is based on structure, content and rules. It helps me sharpen my own writing each time I facilitate it. The other is "5 Keys to SME (Subject Matter Expert) Success." This one teaches technical experts how to make their topics interesting to learners through engagement and follow through.

18) Communication Skills of any kind.

17) Communication Skills of any kind.

16) Anything related to exploration of diversity and intercultural communication dynamics.... topics related to early childhood and promotion of healthy development. Any time there is an opportunity to find a variety of ways to fully engage participants in considering ideas and perspectives, the challenge and delight of the facilitation process fully engages me in creative ways. There is vitality in the whole business!

15) Wilderness and Disaster Medicine. I teach fellow healthcare professionals in these fields. It is very gratifying to know that I am improving the ability of colleagues to use their skills and knowledge in unusual circumstances in which lives may depend on them.

14) Workshops that debunk popular mythologies and present a contrarian (and correct) view of reality.

13) I enjoy teaching topics that are evidence-based and that produce results. At this time these include goal setting, giving feedback, and self-regulation.

12) Teamwork, facilitation, intercultural communication, positive psychology, communication skills, instructional design

11) I enjoy teaching on topics in which I am the SME, the ID and the facilitator. I am getting very choosy.

10) Goal Setting

Conflict Resolution

Team Building

9) Internet surfing for academics and online databases. Simply because this is new to most students coming to the university and one is able to seed plant 'how to do academic information searches' into their lives - that makes a difference

8) Community Capacity Building

7) Communication skills, Decision making, Conflict management, Time management,Perception, stereotypes,

6) I love facilitating The Organization Workshop by Power & Systems because it helps participants understand organizations through a human systems lens. It basically teaches positive political skills. It's inspiring to see people leave with a new belief in their ability to make a difference.


5) I love facilitating parenting classes. The audience is so engaged and attentive.

4) Leadership - teaching people how to serve, develop and lead is a much needed skill.

Service Excellence - exceeding customers expectations is the key to building customer loyalty. Most people focus on revenue and neglect what's really important--the customer.

3) software related - most expertise in this topic

2) I love training faculty who are new to the university, especially those who provide positive feedback about our workshops and special institutes.

1) Teaching/Mentoring techniques