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31) Please set cell phones to "vibrate"

30) I would address the use of cell phone at the beginning of the session. If someone needs to use a cell phone they should exit the room so they don't disturb or distract the other participants.

29) I create a monetary pool- anyone who uses his/her phone during classtime needs to contribute a dollar--the amount adds up to a treat for the whole class or a 'social' hour contribution.

28) I work with mostly Gen X and boomers, and we have established a culture of respect where phones are left off or on silent for training sessions and meetings. Rather than mobile phones, I would be tempted to use something like Todaysmeet, where participants can use their laptops to talk about the training as it happens - because try as you might, some training sessions need a laptop to cover the content so you can't stop them looking at the internet / instant chatting etc. Or, rather than making them use SMS to communicate I would try making them use instant chat on a laptop - because at least that does'nt cost our company 15c per message sent!

27) Ask them to take it outside so as not to distract the other participants

26) Assuming I would not have content for access by students, I would ask them to use phones only for emergency calls until we could integrate the phone into the class content - for example, voting on their preferred method for some approach (typically I'm teaching an OD class).

25) I usually get everyone to agree to a "Group Contract" at the start and include items such as "one voice" etc , but always include "Phones off or on silent" . By getting everyone involved they take ownership and comply with the rules.

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